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About Darlene

Whether it’s home, backyard or an office, Darlene has a passion for transforming and creating mindful spaces. Her father, a painter and carpenter, her step mother, a professional artist and educator, and her mother, a wonderful woman, who instilled a great work ethic.  All three provided her with the springboard for who she is today.

Always intrigued with the dynamics of how people react within an environment, Darlene enjoys bringing people together through functional, universal and sustainable design. Darlene and her team strive to produce spaces that enliven the senses. They consider each new space an opportunity to create something great, like an artist’s canvas. 

As a part time instructor in an Interior Architecture program, teaching provides her with a platform to help mentor young design students. She helps students see design opportunities in every project and reminds her students that design constraints lead to creative design solutions, or as she says, “When sunshine is mixed with rain you get a rainbow.” 

Recently Darlene became involved with a research project on Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD. Her involvement with this project is to determine how the built environment improves the lives of people with this disorder. Her goal is to make all spaces accessible, comfortable and safe for everyone.

Specialties in her team include; luxury residential, mixed use interiors, live/work spaces, commercial interiors, outdoor kitchens, and patios. Darlene and her team understand the value of communication between client, designer, and architect to achieve spectacular results. Her design philosophy… Let the client dream it, let the design team create it!

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